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Are you looking for the “Elvish Yadav Vs Maxtern Full Fight Video“? Look no further than Royalclinic.vn! We have the latest news and updates on this highly publicized altercation between two popular YouTubers. In this article, we will delve into the details of the incident, including the alleged assault, the social media rivalry between the two individuals, and the legal consequences that have followed. So, sit back, relax, and let us take you through the full story of “Elvish Yadav Vs Maxtern Full Fight Video“.

Elvish Yadav Vs Maxtern Full Fight Video: A Brutal Brawl
Elvish Yadav Vs Maxtern Full Fight Video: A Brutal Brawl
 Elvish YadavMaxtern
Subscribers12.5 million2.5 million
Known forHumorous skits, pranks, and relatable contentGaming videos and vlogs
ControversyAssault, snake venom case, slapping incidentNone

I. Elvish Yadav and Maxtern’s Rivalry

A Rivalry Fueled by Social Media

The rivalry between Elvish Yadav and Maxtern, born Sagar Thakur, can be traced back to their interactions on social media. Yadav, with his vast following and comedic content, often found himself at the center of online discussions and debates. Thakur, on the other hand, was a rising star in the gaming community known for his vlogs and engaging content.

PlatformFollowersContent Focus
YouTube12.5 millionComedy skits, pranks, relatable content
YouTube2.5 millionGaming videos, vlogs

As their online presence grew, so did their rivalry. Yadav’s fans often engaged in heated debates with Thakur’s followers, leading to a buildup of animosity between the two content creators.

Escalating Tensions

The rivalry between Yadav and Thakur escalated when Thakur accused Yadav of spreading hate and propaganda through his fan pages. This accusation further fueled the animosity between the two, and their online exchanges became increasingly hostile.

II. The Viral Video of the Fight

The Incident

A viral video of the incident has sparked outrage, showing an intense argument and physical assault. The video begins with Yadav and his friends confronting Thakur in a shopping mall in Gurugram’s Sector 53 area. The two sides exchange heated words before the situation escalates into a physical altercation. Yadav and his friends can be seen punching and kicking Thakur, who falls to the ground. The video has been widely shared on social media, with many users condemning Yadav’s actions.

Public Reaction

The viral video has sparked widespread outrage, with many people taking to social media to condemn Yadav’s actions. Many have called for Yadav to be held accountable for his actions, while others have expressed concern about the growing trend of violence among social media influencers.

Sagar ThakurContent creator“I am deeply hurt and shocked by the incident. I never expected Elvish to behave in such a violent manner.”
Elvish YadavContent creator“I regret the incident and I apologize for my actions. I was provoked by Sagar and I lost my temper.”
The Viral Video of the Fight
The Viral Video of the Fight

III. Legal Action Against Elvish Yadav

Following the viral video of the fight, legal action has been taken against Elvish Yadav. The Gurugram police have registered an FIR against him under various sections of the IPC.

The charges against Yadav include assault, causing hurt, and criminal intimidation. He has been cooperating with the police investigation and has been released on bail.

ChargeIPC Section
Causing hurt323
Criminal intimidation506
Legal Action Against Elvish Yadav
Legal Action Against Elvish Yadav

IV. Elvish Yadav’s Past Controversies

Elvish Yadav has been involved in several controversies in the past. In 2021, he was arrested for allegedly possessing snake venom without a license. He was also filmed slapping a man in a Jaipur restaurant. These incidents have led to criticism of Yadav and have damaged his reputation.

2021Arrested for allegedly possessing snake venom without a license
2022Filmed slapping a man in a Jaipur restaurant
Elvish Yadav's Past Controversies
Elvish Yadav’s Past Controversies

V. Elvish Yadav’s Rise to Fame

YouTube Content

Elvish Yadav gained fame through humorous skits, pranks, and relatable content on YouTube. His videos often featured his friends and family, and he quickly gained a large following. Yadav’s content was often lighthearted and entertaining, and he quickly became a popular figure on the platform.

Participation in Bigg Boss OTT

Yadav’s popularity was further boosted by his participation in the reality TV show Bigg Boss OTT. The show featured a group of celebrities living together in a house, and Yadav’s antics and personality quickly made him a fan favorite. Yadav’s participation in the show helped him reach a wider audience and further cemented his status as a rising star.


“I never thought I would become so popular,” said Yadav in an interview. “I just wanted to make people laugh and have fun.”

“Bigg Boss OTT was an amazing experience,” said Yadav. “I learned a lot about myself and made some great friends.”

2021Started YouTube channel
2022Participated in Bigg Boss OTT
PresentContinues to create content on YouTube
Elvish Yadav's Rise to Fame
Elvish Yadav’s Rise to Fame

VI. Conclusion

The Elvish Yadav vs Maxtern fight video has highlighted the growing problem of online harassment and violence. It is important to remember that words and actions have consequences, both online and offline. We must all strive to be respectful and responsible in our interactions with others, regardless of our differences.

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